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NeverWet a spray that makes everything you own water-resistant

Rust-Oleum NeverWet is a product developed by Ross Nanotechnology that makes everything water-resistant. All you have to do is spray the surface or object of your choice with it and it becomes waterproof. NeverWet creates a superhydrophobic barrier, which repels water. When any liquid hits this barrier, it forms beads that roll of the surface without clinging on.

NeverWet by Ross Nanotechnology

Most surfaces are designed to work under dry conditions. Water is often ruinous to the surfaces that come in contact with it:

    • Metal surfaces corrode and wood degrades.
    • Electrical equipment (motors and switches) arc and fail.
    • Clothing and other surfaces fail to insulate against weather.
    • Cardboard packaging wilts and fails to protect its contents.

    Ross Nanotechnology, LLC provides a solution to these problems with NeverWet™ superhydrophobic coatings.Even under extreme conditions like high pressure spray, they maintain their superhydrophobic characteristics.



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