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Ornamental ceramic balls with geometric designs – ACROPOLIS MUSEUM shop.

Ornamental ceramic balls with geometric designs inspired by the ceramic vessels from the Geometric Period (9th – 8th centuries BC) in showcase 1, in the Gallery of the Acropolis Slopes.
Price range: 15-17 euros –  (above)


Good Luck Charms 2015, The God of Love – The Acropolis Museum shop.

The theme for the Acropolis Museum charm for 2015 is the young and playful god that personifies the strong natural attraction between two people, the God of Love Eros.  It is inspired by a scene from a vessel of the late 5th century BC from the Sanctuary of Nymph, which was located on the south of the Acropolis. Eros flutters between the two young women that are presenting the bride with parcels of presents during the preparations for the wedding.
Price range: 27,50-49 euros


Christmas gifts from The Acropolis Museum shop. Decorative porcelain inspired by a bronze wheel.

An offering to the Sanctuary of the Acropolis. 6th cent. BC. 1st floor. Archaic Gallery, showcase 19, no. 3. Acropolis Museum
Price range: 12,80 euros



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