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”Love” by Sebastien Tellier

“I believe in eternal love,” says France’s louche, majestic singer-songwriter Sébastien Tellier. “There are many different variations: love for family, love for a girl, love for friends, love for life, etc. I have no proof for that—I can just feel it.”

Taken from his Brazilian bossa-nova fueled album, L’Aventura, “Love” sees an animated Tellier take to an exotic paradise. “I’ve been inspired by L’Aventura, which has a very rich universe,” says the video’s director Valentine Reinhardt, who also made the artwork for the record’s artwork. “The lyrics and the music are full of visions and tropical dreams.”

Sebastien Tellier : Love

Sebastien Tellier : Love

The greatest threat to love? All the girls wearing mini-skirts during the summer

Is love blind?
Sébastien Tellier: Not at all. For me, the look is very important. And the physique of a person reveals most of the time his soul. I hate beauty, but I l love charm.
Favorite love song?
ST: The Bangles: “Eternal Flame”

What is the greatest threat to love?
ST: All the girls wearing mini-skirts during the summer

Who do you love?
ST: My wife and my son. And all the people with good will.


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